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Ta Prohm plus Surrounding Temples

As I was pedaling away from Angkor Wat and admiring the multitude of scenic temples interspersed throughout the thick jungle I realized why many people choose to spend three days or more exploring the temples. My next destination was Ta Prohm. I made a few stops along the way to Ta Prohm on the Petit […]

Angkor Wat from Sunrise to Sunset

My day of exploring the temples of Angkor Wat started very early. I decided I should be on the road by 4:30 am for the 20 minute bike ride to the ticket office which opens at 5. When I made it to the ticket office I could tell already that I was going to be […]

4000 Islands: My Reward for Days on the Road

By the time I arrived in the 4000 Islands of southern Laos it felt like I had been traveling for days on end. I knew that it would be a tough couple days when I was leaving Vang Vieng last Tuesday morning. My first stop was an overnight in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. I […]

Not Enough Time in Amsterdam

The way my itinerary worked out I only had 2 days and 1 night in Amsterdam. I’m on a tight budget since I’m trying to travel as long as possible, so I have to watch what I spend on transportation and everything. I had to get to Oslo by Monday for my flight to Bangkok. […]