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6 Things That Make Colorado Colorful

Depending on when and where you enter the beautiful state of Colorado you may look at that slightly ironic brown and white welcome sign and think to yourself “they must be talking about some other state, maybe Florida or California, even Oregon.” The truth is you have to look past the arid landscape that sometimes […]

Relief from the Heat in Cameron Highlands

Penang was hot and humid. As I was sitting in the van on my way south to the Cameron Highlands I was looking forward to the much cooler temperatures I anticipated at 5000 ft in elevation. At the same time I was reflecting on how different the country of Malaysia is from the other countries […]

Lost In the Forest at Cave Lodge

The deeper into Thailand I get and the further off the tourist trail, the more I appreciate its natural beauty and intriguing culture. Pai was a wonderful change of pace from city life, but Cave Lodge took it two steps further. Located in the mountainous forest not far from the Myanmar border it was so […]

Hiking The Bavarian Alps

As I mentioned in my last post, I picked up my rental car at Central Station in Munich last Thursday afternoon in preparation to get out of the city and see the Alps. Sixt gave me a free upgrade to the new MK3 Audi TT. I think it is a great looking car. Almost has […]