Chiang Mai: Thailand’s Northern Hub

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Chiang Mai: Thailand’s Northern Hub

Depending on what I choose to do I will probably be passing through Chiang Mai multiple times over the next couple weeks, unless I decide to see Laos and Cambodia instead on my way south to the beaches. Either way I will be back next week after I do the Mae Hong Song loop of Northwestern Thailand.

Anyway Chiang Mai is another very crowded touristy city much like Bangkok, but on a much smaller scale. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. My train ride North was interesting. I wanted to take the sleeper train, but apparently you have to book that well in advance. Instead I took the day train. It is a 12 hour ride through mostly flat rural areas. I saw lots of rice fields and a few small towns.

The morning after I arrived I took a nice walk around town before the 12:30 bus to Pai that I wanted to take. I had breakfast at a place called Angel’s Secret that serves nice western style breakfasts and coffee brewed from local beans.

Chiang Mai is an ancient walled city with a lot of history, and like many Thai cities many beautiful temples. After breakfast I headed over to Wat Chiang Man temple.


Next on my route was the Wat Chedi Luang monument. It was an incredible sight.


Right next door to Wat Chedi Luang was a beautiful small teak temple. It is currently being restored so unfortunately no good pictures of it.

I enjoyed my short stay in Chiang Mai, and hope to see more of the city on my way back through next week. However I really wanted to keep moving to discover a more authentic area of Thailand. Right now I am in Pai, which has been a great experience so far. Look for a post in the next couple days about my days around Pai and the adventure of getting there.




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  • Lara

    What a culture difference from your European travels. Fascinating. Enjoy Thailand. Looking forward to hearing about Pai!

    November 15, 2015 at 9:11 pm

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